Our company is named Extropie—as an antidote to entropy, the chaos and randomness of information. Every important written piece of digital information is written with keyboards. Humanity has organized all other forms of digital information and improved it by orders of magnitude. We have mitigated the entropy of digital information by organizing it more efficiently. It is time to create the same Extropy or Extropie for the information input—to create a meaningful order for the connection from us to the machines.

We have created a software that optimizes keyboards for two alphabets at the same time. It mitigates the random order of the device that humans use to enter information. It discovers the optimum for writing the specified language and alphabet combination. Our aim is to mitigate the entropy—the chaos—of the connection from you to the machine—for all major languages and alphabets. Our aim to to revolutionize the weakest link in tech and create the best writing devices in the world. This is Extropie.

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Extropie LLC
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Tbilisi, Georgia